BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is a constantly growing organisation, which provides communication, co-operation and exchange possibilities for students all over Europe.

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Who integrate economic, academic and student environments.



Which culture and tradition we share with students.

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About us

Who we are?

Board of European Students of Technology is an international, apolitical non-profit organisation, gathering technical university students from all over Europe. The events we prepare are very popular among all WUT faculties due to the rich educational offer and the accompanying opportunity to play.

Our goal

Our mission is multi-dimensional development of students, aiming to provide the future engineers with additional skills and shape them for work in an international environment. We fulfill it by organising travel and learning events, competitions, trainings, meetings and happenings - both in and outside universities, with multiple opportunities for students and employers to interact.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination embraces the entire world.
Albert Einstein

How do we operate?

Moreover, we engage in improving the educational system in Europe and we strive to even the chances for unsustainable regions of the continent. In all our actions we join hard work with fun; the relations we establish, reach over the organisational involvement, making us - first and foremost - a group of active student friends who develop and enhance the education of young engineers.

Organisation pillars



The hours spent on organising events, common passion and similar attitude to life makes the members of BEST close to one another. Thanks to this, taking a part in every project means having great fun among friends. Because, as everybody knows, nice and friendly atmosphere during the work is a key to success.



The exchange of experiences, discovering other cultures and learning foreign languages are the activities we would like to practise in real life situations. Because of that, travelling is a must for those BEST members, who are curious about the world. Thanks to Local BEST Groups, located in 94 cities of Europe, travelling becomes easier than ever before!


Self growth

We aim to improve our standards in everything we do, so we make use of our creativity to constantly develop the way we work. We value personal development and we pursue to build an open, self-learning society, in which we can share and improve our ideas.

Join us

The recruitment happens at the beginning of each semester. We look for internationally minded people, who feel that studies alone are not enough. Show, whether you are a person that recognizes BEST’s mission, who will bring openness, motivation and value to our projects. In reference to BEST members, we use 5 elements describing them: improvement, friendship, learning, fun, flexibility. Tell as much as you can about yourself, point these values in you and we will surely meet! During the recruitment you will have an opportunity to describe yourself in a questionnaire and, during the further stage, we will get to know each other in reality.

Should you want to learn more about the recruitment and the whole organisation, we encourage to write to our Facebook page or contact the Vice President for Human Resources.

Next recruitment will be Autumn 2024!

Wait for recruitment to start, then fill the form. It will be there for you!