Cooperation and contact


BEST Wrocław is an organization that reaches the students of one of the best technical universities in Poland. We have constant contact with them thanks to the projects that we regularly organize at the Wrocław University of Technology (EBEC - European BEST Engineering Competition, BIT Fest, BEST Courses, BEST Career Week).

We try to combine the knowledge gained during studies with practice, work and everyday life. The main goal is to integrate three environments - student, academic and economic.


As part of an international organization, we are open to new experiences and we are able to work together with other groups. Our achievements in the form of projects organized by us and the possibilities of acting on a larger scale, prove that we are good partners for cooperation.

BEST Wrocław gives students the chance to develop, expand their knowledge and get to know companies cooperating with us. We offer meetings with companies, promote practices and trainings, try to form a contact between students and the company. Our intention is to make it easier for partners to reach students with whom they want to cooperate.

We encourage companies wishing to promote their activities among Wrocław students to cooperate with us.

They have trusted us so far

Trust partners

Budimex SA is one of the largest consctruction companies in Poland.

It most often performs services as a general contractor and these mainly concern road, railroad and airport infrastructure, volume construction, energy, industrial and enviromental construction. It's gradually increasing it's involvment in the facility management sector (handling real estate and infrastructure facilities) and waste management, as well as in the renewable energy and emobility businesses.

In addition to Poland, Budimex SA is entering foregin markets - Slovakia, the Czech Republic and German.

The company employs more than 7,000 people in Poland and executes more than 300 contracts per year. Also accepts more than 250 Interns annually for paid internships.

Firma cukiernicza A. Blikle to polskie przedsiębiorstwo z ponad 150-letnią tradycją, które zajmuje się produkcją wysokiej jakości wyrobów cukierniczych, ciast, ciastek, makaroników i lodów. Po dzień dzisiejszy posiada ręczną produkcję oraz dba o wysoką klasę składników, co sprawia, że kolejne pokolenia mogą cieszyć się niepowtarzalnym i naturalnym smakiem oryginalnych wypieków.

Organization management

President of the organization

Cezary Mordal

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Karolina Harasimowicz

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Kacper Koler

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For contacting companies

Iwo Staykov

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For public relations

Adrian Augustyn

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For human resources

Dawid Strzeszewski

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